Jess Scanlon

Head of Commercial Asset Management

Jess Scanlon, Head of Asset Management at RWC Sydney North, embodies assertiveness and authenticity, bringing over a decade of industry experience. Jess’ impressive portfolio spans a wide scope of work and experience undertaken in his tenure, from individual commercial assets and residential properties to mixed-use developments such as ‘Via Gladesville’ and large-scale shopping centres such as ‘Carmel Village Shopping Centre Box Hill’ – providing an unmatched degree of knowledge.

His meticulous adherence to core principles ensures optimal client outcomes, diving beyond transactions to grasp clients’ unique needs. Jess excels in communication and holds a deep understanding of market dynamics, setting high standards of leadership within the team.

Beyond basic duties, Jess orchestrates strategies delivering exceptional service, earning respect from clients and team alike. With a profound understanding of legalities, market trends, consumer insights, and strategic planning, Jess drives comprehensive success.

Adept in people management, Jess leads his team effectively, fostering collaboration and achieving collective success whilst also ensuring compliance through a legally sound environment. Jess Scanlon’s assertive leadership, extensive industry insights, and comprehensive management skills make him an invaluable asset to RWC Sydney North.

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